About the Postcard or Email Message You Received: Political Refunds from CEA & (maybe) Your Local

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Did you receive a postcard like this one in the mail (or maybe an email with information on the Colorado Education Association’s $39 Every Member Option political refund)?

Click on the postcard for more information about requesting one or more refunds before the December 15 deadline.

OR Watch this 2-minute video explanation by a Jefferson County teacher:

OR Listen to an overview of the Every Member Option and some frequently asked questions on a 3-minute podcast by clicking the play button below (if you can’t see the player, or it doesn’t work, click here to listen):

Please visit our “Political Refunds” page for the detailed information on when and how to submit a request. For information on related topics, please check out the links on the left sidebar.

This information is provided by the Independence Institute as a public service.

California Ballot Initiative Would Stop Government Payrolls from Collecting Political Money

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A citizens group in California is proposing a ballot initiative that would prevent government payroll systems from collecting political funds. Among other possible advantages, this reform would empower individual teachers in the Golden State to decide how they want to spend money on politics.

Go here to listen to Ben DeGrow of the Independence Institute and Mike Reitz of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation discuss the possible impacts of the initiative in light of similar reforms that have been adopted or proposed in Colorado, Washington, Utah and Idaho.

Forty Days and Counting ‘Till December 15 CEA Political Refund Deadline

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Having seen this notice posted about a dues rebate available to teachers union members in California, it was striking to realize that as of today there are 40 days left for members of the Colorado Education Association to request the $39 Every Member Option political refund or lose it forever. Last year a teacher friend of ours explained it well in this 2-minute video — the basic facts remain the same:

For more details on the CEA refund and the additional refunds available from the various local CEA unions, check out our Political Refunds page.