Michigan Considers Teacher-Empowering Payroll Reform, Like Colorado Did in 2008

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Business Week features a brief story about a piece of legislation under consideration in the Michigan legislature:

A proposal that would prohibit public schools from automatically deducting union dues from employee paychecks is advancing in the Michigan Legislature.

The Republican-led House Oversight, Reform and Ethics Committee approved the measure Tuesday with a party line 4-2 vote. The measure advances to the House floor.

An email blast from the Education Action Group Foundation explains how this sort of proposal can help make unions more accountable to the members they serve: Read more…

September ‘Tis Season for Colo. School Employees Who Want to Opt Out of Union Dues or Fees

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September is here. In Colorado schools across the state are back in session. As I wrote a year ago today:

But today also marks the beginning of the short time frame in which union members in several school districts can choose to opt out of a year’s worth of union dues (and in a few cases — as our recent video about Colorado teachers unions pointed out — for non-union members to opt out of paying hundreds of dollars in union fees).

Speaking of the video, here it is for those who haven’t seen it before:

For teachers union members who want to stop paying the dues and perhaps find an alternative membership option, here are the 20 Colorado school districts with opt-out deadlines in September: Read more…