December 15 Deadline Approaching for Colorado Teachers Union Political Refunds

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Update, 12/15: The CEA website was offline for awhile today. If you can’t access the electronic form, please send an email to Linda Lutz ( with a note that you are requesting the $39 Every Member Option refund.

December 15 marks the annual deadline for Colorado Education Association members to request a refund of “Every Member Option” union funds used to support state and local political campaigns. Last year’s attention-getting 45-second video is worth watching to find out the information, or just for the nostalgic refresher:

In addition to the $39 EMO available from CEA — which can be requested electronically or by old-fashioned mail — a number of other districts have additional EMO political refund options with additional opt-out requirements. To learn all the specifics click on any of the following districts that require refunds on or shortly after December 15 (with the amount available):

If you are a Colorado public school teacher, or know one, please feel free to share this post and the video. You could be making a difference and giving someone another reason to give thanks during this special holiday season.

4 Responses to “December 15 Deadline Approaching for Colorado Teachers Union Political Refunds”

  1. Ed is Watching » Seven Things Eddie Can Be Thankful For, 2011 Colorado Education Edition Says:

    [...] While nobody asked Colorado teacher union members before taking political contributions from their paychecks, at least they can ask for the money back by December 15; [...]

  2. CindeeLee Gapp Says:

    I would like a refund if I qualify for one.

  3. Ed is Watching » Share News of Dec. 15 Teachers Union Political Refund Deadline for the Holidays! Says:

    [...] Little Eddie is learning to be generous during the holiday season. That’s why I’m helping my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow with one of his favorite charities: informing and reminding Colorado teachers of their membership options. It’s especially important this time of year, because tomorrow (December 15) is the deadline for members of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) to get back their Every Member Option (EMO) funds. [...]

  4. Independence Institute: Jon Caldara » Teachers: Act NOW To Get Your Political Refund Says:

    [...] is the last day that Colorado teachers can get their political union dues back through the “every member option” mechanism. We got word that the CEA refund website was down earlier today, but that it is now back [...]

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