Colorado Teachers, Get Up to $65 Back

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Teachers who are members of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) are eligible for as much as $65 in annual political refunds through the Every Member Option (EMO) program. The CEA raises political funds through a structure known as EMO. In 2015-16, $41) is deducted from the yearly earnings of every full-time member teacher (part-time member teachers and support personnel pay a lesser amount) to fund the EMO, which exclusively finances local and state political campaigns.

CEA members who wish to receive an EMO refund must submit their requests in writing by DECEMBER 15. Many CEA local associations also have a refundable EMO that must be requested separately. Local EMOs are as much as $24.

To find EMO refund request online forms, contact information, and from letters, please visit the Political Refunds page.

Pueblo Teachers (& other K-12 Employees): Options to Get Union Money Back End Sept. 15

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Have you driven through Pueblo lately? Thanks to National Employee Freedom Week, you may have seen this new billboard appear:

(It’s not just Pueblo. Many other Colorado school districts have brief opt-out windows for current members, and a few others — Colorado Springs 11, Alamosa, South Conejos — also have annual opt-out windows for non-members. Check out revocation information for Teachers and for Classified Employees) Read more…

Ask First Better, But Every Member Option Gives Glimmer of Employee Freedom

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June 24-28 has been designated the first-ever National Employee Freedom Week. “National Employee Freedom Week is a national effort to inform union employees of the freedom they have regarding opting out of union membership and making the decision about union membership that’s best for them.” The Independence Institute is one of more than 40 organizations across the United States to join in celebrating the occasion. The following post is part of a series highlighting the issue’s impact in Colorado.

When it comes to exercising employee freedom, many Colorado teachers may opt to stay part of the union. But they may not approve of all aspects of what the union does with their money. That’s why the Education Policy Center every year informs educators across the state about the Colorado Education Association’s December 15 deadline to get back the portion of their dues collected to fund local and state political candidates and causes. Read more…

Did You Receive a Postcard About Every Member Option? December 15 Deadline Approaching

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Updated for 2014

Did you receive a postcard like this in the mail? Click on the image for all the information and links you will need to request one or more Every Member Option (EMO) political refunds from the Colorado Education Association and its local affiliates:

You can also watch the 1-minute animated video on the EMO that may bring back a bit of nostalgia:

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Colo. Teachers Union Members Automatically Funding False, Malicious Political Ads

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Many Colorado teachers may be unknowingly funding a political group under government investigation and private legal complaint for creating multiple “negative ads were filled with outrageous and unfounded claims.”

An article by Colorado Media Trackers highlights the detestable activities of the 527 group Colorado Accountable Government Alliance (CAGA). The Colorado Education Association’s small donor “Public Education Committee” this year has made two separate $50,000 contributions (July 10 and August 2) to CAGA.

Nonpartisan state house candidate Kathleen Curry, the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, has been falsely attacked by CAGA as opposing insurance coverage for mammograms. Summit County officials have opened an ethics violation investigation in this case. Read more…

December 15 Deadline Approaching for Colorado Teachers Union Political Refunds

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Update, 12/15: The CEA website was offline for awhile today. If you can’t access the electronic form, please send an email to Linda Lutz ( with a note that you are requesting the $39 Every Member Option refund.

December 15 marks the annual deadline for Colorado Education Association members to request a refund of “Every Member Option” union funds used to support state and local political campaigns. Last year’s attention-getting 45-second video is worth watching to find out the information, or just for the nostalgic refresher:

In addition to the $39 EMO available from CEA — which can be requested electronically or by old-fashioned mail — a number of other districts have additional EMO political refund options with additional opt-out requirements. To learn all the specifics click on any of the following districts that require refunds on or shortly after December 15 (with the amount available):

If you are a Colorado public school teacher, or know one, please feel free to share this post and the video. You could be making a difference and giving someone another reason to give thanks during this special holiday season.

December 15 Deadline for CEA Member Political Refund Requests: New Animated Video!

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Go directly here for more information about Colorado teachers union political refunds.

Here is a two-minute video explanation of CEA’s Every Member Option political refund, from a veteran Jefferson County teacher, produced in 2008:

Go here to see a summary breakdown of how Colorado teachers unions reported spending member dues on political activities during the most recent election.

Video: Unions Abuse Non-Union Teacher Paychecks

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Check out this new Independent Teachers video about what happens when a non-union school employee who is forced to opt out of paying union fees every year misses the deadline because of family medical emergencies:

From the YouTube summary:

Due to family medical hardships, non-union Pueblo school employee Becky Robertson missed an annual deadline to opt out of union fee paycheck deductions. The union rejected her appeal. Though she had chosen not to be a union member, Becky ended up paying the union hundreds of dollars that could have been used for medical bills and other expenses. Why do Colorado laws allow this type of abuse to continue?

Which Colorado school district employees are affected by union fee opt-out policies for non-union members? Read more…

About the Postcard or Email Message You Received: Political Refunds from CEA & (maybe) Your Local

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Did you receive a postcard like this one in the mail (or maybe an email with information on the Colorado Education Association’s $39 Every Member Option political refund)?

Click on the postcard for more information about requesting one or more refunds before the December 15 deadline.

OR Watch this 2-minute video explanation by a Jefferson County teacher:

OR Listen to an overview of the Every Member Option and some frequently asked questions on a 3-minute podcast by clicking the play button below (if you can’t see the player, or it doesn’t work, click here to listen):

Please visit our “Political Refunds” page for the detailed information on when and how to submit a request. For information on related topics, please check out the links on the left sidebar.

This information is provided by the Independence Institute as a public service.

Union Dues

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The annual cost of full-time membership in the teachers union depends on the school district in which you work. For 2008-09, each full-time member pays $363 to the Colorado Education Association and $158 to the National Education Association headquarters. The local portion of union dues vary by location. Here is a sample of the TOTAL dues costs for 2008-09:

  • Westminster (Adams 50): $812
  • Aurora: $735
  • Littleton: $726
  • Jefferson County: $725
  • Lewis Palmer: $712
  • Canon City: $708
  • Academy 20: $707

By comparison, members of the Douglas County Federation of Teachers (Colorado’s largest local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers) pay $431 in dues for 2008-09.

Annual membership to join the Professional Association of Colorado Educators is $180.

Annual membership to join Christian Educators Association International is $139.